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How to use Gtdagenda for School

1. Getting Started
In the Goals section, insert your current semester as a Goal Category, for example "2008 Fall Semester".

2. Insert Classes
Each of your classes will be a Goal in this Category. Your classes are always at the top of the page for quick review.

• Each class will then have its Projects within (e.g. laboratory, group project, etc.), with their specific Tasks that can be easily prioritized and processed GTD style, marked as Next Actions and checked as done.

• All your to-dos and tasks can be organized by Context, the location or situation you have to be in in order to complete the task. Gtdagenda keeps your list of contexts on the right panel, so the list of actions in each context is just one click away.

3. Create the school schedule
In the Schedules section, you can create the whole week's schedule and have it at hand.

4. Assignments
Put any assignment you know of in the calendar at the specific date, so you don't forget it until the bight before.

Start using Gtdagenda for school:

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How to use Gtdagenda

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