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Make Gtdagenda a part of your 7 Habits for becoming Highly Effective

Stephen R. Covey wrote the best-selling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

One of Covey's most basic rules is to begin with the end in mind. This focus on your Goals provides the vision and motivation to follow the tasks through.

1. Goals

As Covey explains, goals give a framework for motivation. You need to identify a few (four or five) broad Categories of our personal life (i.e., career, family, health, finances, intellectual, hobbies, etc.)

Next, identify three to five Goals per category. For example, in the category of "family" one goal might be to make the relationship with your spouse your highest priority, or to take care of your kids, etc. The goals should also include a date (deadline), and should be achievable.

2. Activities

Your next objective is to identify the activities that will help you get to your goal.

• First, brainstorm. Create a list of all possible activities that might help you to reach your goal.
• Second, prioritize your activities. Which activities will actually work toward desired results and which are simply more enjoyable?
• Third, attempt to accomplish the activities of higher priority first.

For inserting these activities use the Projects and Tasks sections of Gtdagenda. Don't forget to link them to your Goals.

3. Using a Calendar

A calendar can stimulate your vision, aid long-term planning, and help measure your personal planning success. Gtdagenda has a Calendar that is always displayed on the right panel, and also a Schedules section, where you set up unlimited schedule templates, and the activities inserted can be linked to your current projects.

4. Schedule your Daily Values

Many times our highest priorities are not reflected in our actual daily activities. And yet, to be effective in developing a balanced life, this connection is crucial.

• Place in your schedule only the events that actually match the goals.
• Plan to plan! In other words, set in your schedule each week a time to plan for the following week.
• Review your schedule daily. In Gtdagenda your goals are always at the top of the page for quick review.• Manage your to do list. Write down Everything. Once your list of tasks is developed, prioritize your activities by to . The idea is to use your most productive hours for and items, and other hours for items.

5. Sharpen Your Saw!

Set up time blocks in your Gtdagenda schedules for activities that completely detach you from work. So when you work you are fully engaged, and when you relax you are fully disengaged. Covey recommends activities in all of these categories: Physical, Mental, Social/Emotional and Spiritual.

Ready to be among the Highly Effective People?

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How to use Gtdagenda

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