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Some of the things Gtdagenda can help you with:


Goals are a tool to concentrate your effort and move you in a direction. Set goals in each of your life's areas, along with the timelines you are committed to accomplish them by.

"We are what and where we are because we first imagined it." - Donald Curtis


Action plans that map to one of your goals. Each completed project moves you closer to the completion of your goal.

Tasks and Next Actions

Break out each project into specific tasks (actionable items), and decide what the next action is going to be.


Context is where or how a task is accomplished.


Use checklists for your repeating/recurring tasks, things that you must handle weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc as well as action items that may be tied to a specific month (e.g. wax car every April and November).

You can tie them to your goals. Consistent, daily action makes things happen.
Read here how Jerry Seinfeld used checklists to become one of the greatest comedians of all time.


Schedules are tools for organizing your daily activities, with exact timings. Each activity can be linked to one of your existing projects and taks.


Use the included calendar to keep note of and remember your "set-in-stone" activities, that need to be done at certain dates.

You can set events, appointments, anniversaries, to-do's and notes.

• Mobile access

Have your lists in your pocket and always available, wherever you are. Gtdagenda can also be accessed at

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