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Send tasks by SMS to Gtdagenda

Dan  12/14/2011

You can now send a mobile SMS to Gtdagenda and it will be added as a task in your Inbox.

First you need to confirm your phone number, so we recognize it as yours when you send SMSs to Gtdagenda. Instructions on activating your mobile number are on the Settings page in your Gtdagenda account.

After your phone is confirmed, you simply send a SMS containing the task to our US number: 510-747-8939, and it will be converted as a task in your account. You can even save this number as a contact under the name Gtdagenda, for easy access.

We cannot guarantee this service works from all the countries right now. If you can complete the phone verification process, then everything is ok. If not, please send an email to to let us know.

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