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Copy (duplicate) projects in Gtdagenda

Dan  09/13/2012

We are excited to announce that Gtdagenda now allows you to easily duplicate an existing project. With the click of a button a new copy of a Project will be created along with its containing tasks. There are several use cases for this feature, but two of the most common are:

1) Project Templates

If many of your projects have a similar structure, you can create a template project that you'll keep as a foundation and then duplicate it each time you need to create a new project. At the duplication time you have the ability to change the name of the project and the Goal, if needed.

2) Sequential Checklists

The main Gtdagenda Checklists feature presents a different breed of checklist, and our customers love it. No other task management app has it. But there's also a need for sequential checklists, a series of tasks that must be regenerated and completed in order, time and time again. Again, keep this series of tasks as a project and then copy it as needed.

All the tasks in the new project will be "Not Done", no matter their status in the original project.

To use this feature, open one of your projects and you'll observe a new action button called "Copy", right near the other buttons "Edit", "Close", and "Delete":

A panel will pop-up, allowing you to change the name and the goal of the new project before confirming the action:

Try this feature now by logging-in your account and let us know what you think in the comments.

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