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Push Notifications

Dan  01/21/2014

We are excited to introduce push notifications for Team/Business accounts. You can add multiple E-mail and Http endpoints which will receive an instant notification each time an event occurs into your Gtdagenda account.

To start using this feature, go to your Admin > Push Notifications menu:

Click on Create a new subscription in order to add a new endpoint:

Add a valid Email, Email-JSON or Http endpoint. An Email and Email-JSON endpoint must be an email address, a Http endpoint must be an url.

The Email endpoints will receive messages in human readable format, while the Email-JSON endpoints will receive messages in JSON format. The Http endpoints will receive notifications as POST.

After creating a new subscription, it must first be validated. Use the link received in the email or in the POST message:

That's it. Now each time an action is performed in your Gtdagenda account, all of your verified endpoints will receive an instant notification.

The type of events that generate a push notification are:

- New Task, New Project, New Context, New Goal
- Edited Task, Edited Project, Edited Context, Edited Goal
- Deleted Task, Deleted Project, Deleted Context, Deleted Goal

Choose a Gtdagenda Business account now and start using this feature:

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