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Introducing YouTargets, a new tool to help you manage your contacts

Dan  11/20/2012

We are excited to announce you that Gtdagenda is growing.

We just launched our second product,, and we'd like to invite you to to take it for a spin.

YouTargets is a tool to help you manage your contacts, a simple and easy to use web-based CRM system. Just like Gtdagenda, there's nothing to install, just create an account and access it from any computer with an Internet connection (it looks great on the iPad, too.)

YouTargets allows you to manage up to 30.000 leads, clients, customers and the companies you do business with, and keep track of your deals with them.

Main features:

- Contacts: Keep all contact information in one place. For each person or company you can set up: phone numbers, email addresses, instant messaging accounts, websites, physical addresses (the location on the map will be generated automatically), social networking accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.)

- Deals: Any transaction that involves money with one of your contacts is a Deal. Keep track of all of your deals in one place, and make your business grow.

- Tasks: Never forget to follow up with one of your contacts, or on a deal or a case. Use tasks to remember what you need to do and when.

- Custom fields: In addition to the default contact data types (phones, emails etc), you might need special fields just for you. You can set up custom fields for this purpose.

- API: You can use the powerful Youtargets API to integrate our app with your existing systems and databases, import and export data. Anything that can be done with the web interface can be automated via the API (with the help of your developers,) and even more.

Create an account now:

A Free! version is available for up to 250 contacts.

If you like it and have any suggestions for us, or if you are experiencing problems, send us a message to:

Thank you for your continued support,

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