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Gtdagenda Reviews Roundup for June 2013

Dan  06/25/2013

Here are the latest reviews published about Gtdagenda around the web: - Gtdagenda, online application for managing projects and tasks (Spanish) - Gtdagenda is the best way to keep your calendar organized

Riccardo Manta likes Gtdagenda's simple yet full-fledged interface and writes about the goals' Vision Wall, Checklists, filters and integrations. Thanks Riccardo! - Gtdagenda: Improved calendar integration (German)

Stefan Braun writes about Gtdagenda's new feature for sharing your tasks in iCal and RSS formats, which can be done even for individual projects and contexts, next actions or inbox. - New kid on the GTD block, Gtdagenda

Takis Athanassiou publishes an extensive review about all Gtdagenda features, apps, API and third-party integrations. His screenshots show the new Gtdagenda interface launched this month. Thanks Takis!

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