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New Gtdagenda Interface Launched

Dan  06/08/2013

We are excited to announce you that Gtdagenda has a brand new interface.

Here is what's new:

- The screen is wider, with three columns instead of two.

- New menu. The top menu was moved to the right and made much more powerful. You can use it to browse major sections, to
quickly access your projects, contexts, goals and calendar, and also to create a new project, context or goal.

- Recently viewed list. A list of the last 10 items viewed is available below the menu.

- Tasks are central. Everything revolves around your tasks, so this new design makes sure the site goes out of the way and lets them have the central spot.

- Insert tasks quicker. You can add new tasks from anywhere using the New Task pop-up (full task details) or a new minimalistic text-box that is above the task list.

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