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iCal feeds for all your projects and contexts

Dan  05/02/2013

You can now share your tasks in a Gtdagenda context or project using iCal and RSS formats. You can use the iCal format with calendar programs like Outlook or Google Calendar, and the RSS format with any feed reader.

Previously you could get access to your full Gtdagenda task list using iCal, but there was no way to share only a certain context's or project's tasks.

Also, you can now share the Inbox and the Next Actions.

First you need to enable the iCal service. You can do so from the Settings page.

iCal settings

The URL you see here is for your FULL Gtdagenda task list.

Share a Context or Project

To share tasks from a context or project, open a context/project from the right pane. You will see two new links near the top:

iCal and RSS buttons

Click on the iCal or RSS link and a pop-up will present you the unique feed URL for that context/project:

iCal link

Copy that link and paste it to your calendar program or feed reader.

Share Next Actions or Inbox

To share next actions, select Next Actions from the Filter menu, and to share the inbox select Inbox from the same Filter menu. Then take the exact same steps as above.

For instructions on setting up Outlook or Google Calendar you can read this help article:

Please note that only the tasks with a due date will be included in iCal feeds.

Hope you'll find this update useful. Please add your comments below.

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