Gtdagenda change history

January 2014

Update (Jan 21) Push Notifications
Update (Jan 21) Customizable Priorities

July 2013

Update (Jul 22) Sort Task Filters alphabetically
Update (Jul 7) Sort Checklists
Update (Jul 7) Checklist Categories

June 2013

Update (Jun 18) Added support for notes in the api
Update (Jun 9) New Gtdagenda Interface Launched

May 2013

Update (May 24) launched
Bug fix (May 3) Fixed the Twitter authorization

April 2013

Update (Apr 29) iCal and RSS feeds for all contexts, projects, Next Actions and Inbox
Bug fix (Apr 27) Fixed the iCal feed URL
Update (Apr 16) Added groups
Update (Apr 16) Invite new users to account by email

March 2013

Tech note (Mar 22) Moved blog, forums, and tickets to a new (separate) server.
Update (Mar 21) Load right panel context list and calendar asynchronously with AJAX

December 2011

Update (Dec 29) Added credit card payment option
Update (Dec 21) SSL for all accounts
Update (Dec 21) Custom logo and branding for business accounts
Update (Dec 14) Sending tasks by SMS support.
Bug fix (Dec 7) Add quick task fixed

October 2011

Update (Oct 8) Custom Task Types

September 2011

Update (Sep 21) Automatic email notifications when tasks are assigned.
Update (Sep 20) New design and 5 color themes
Update (Sep 20) Clicking a goal will display the list of tasks in that goal, sorted by project.
Bug fix (Sep 19) Fixed checklists chart display bug. (Flash)
Update (Sep 4) View all tasks in a month.
Update (Sep 4) Filter and sort tasks by Type (task, memo, meeting or anniversary)
Update (Sep 3) 2-year payment plans introduced

August 2011

Update (Aug 26) Users can comment on the Gtdagenda Blog.

July 2011

Update (Jul 26) Calendar entries are now also called Tasks, but of different type: memo, meeting, anniversary.
Update (Jul 26) A Goal will display its tasks organized by project, and not a list of projects anymore.
Bug fix (Jul 26) SSL login fixed.
Update (Jul 21) Displaying on top of each context/project its unique collection email address
Update (Jul 20) Full integration with Google Calendar

June 2011

Update (Jun 2) Caching contexts for faster retrieval
Update (Jun 1) Modal panels for inserting Contexts
Bug fix (Jun 1) Adding Task into the correct Context fixed
Update (Jun 1) Quick buttons in the sidebar for adding New Context and New Project

May 2011

Update (May 22) Users (new or existing) can get a 10% discount by promoting Gtdagenda on their social networks (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter)
Update (May 18) Affiliates can create their own campaigns
Update (May 14) Full API released
Update (May 11) Modal panels for inserting Projects
Update (May 11) Modal panels for editing Projects

April 2011

Update (Apr 18) Updated the keyboard shortcuts.
Update (Apr 18) Modal panels for inserting and editing Goals
Tech note (Apr 14) Upgraded the javascript library to YUI 2.9.0
Update (Apr 11) User can change their registered email address from the Settings page.
Update (Apr 11) Keyboard shortcuts for navigation and for actions
Update (Apr 10) Attach checklists to projects
Bug fix (Apr 9) Length of project/context names displayed in a drop-down box set to a maximum of 50 chars