Affiliate Program: Promote Gtdagenda

Earn up to 50% commissions. Recurring.

If you have a Gtdagenda account, you can be an affiliate.

Tell your visitors, friends, colleagues or business associates about Use the special Affiliate URL assigned to you and any of the promotional materials provided. Or, write up your own product review, post it on your blog or website, or send it out in personal emails to friends (don't spam, please). Use any ethical method of spreading the word.

Gtdagenda will pay you a commission on each payment your referral made. You'll receive 50% on first subscription payment and 25% on each subsequent payment (yearly or bi-yearly, depending on customer's plan).

Customer choosesYou are paid
Team/Group yearly ($144/year) $72 and then $36 every year
Premium yearly ($81/year) $40.5 and then $20.25 every year
Basic yearly ($40.5/year) $20.25 and then $10.13 every year
Team/Group bi-yearly ($288/2yrs) $144 and then $72 every 2 years
Premium bi-yearly ($162/2yrs) $81 and then $40.5 every 2 years
Basic bi-yearly ($81/2yrs) $40.5 and then $20.25 every 2 years

You can create your own campaigns, each with its own special URL and its own statistics, so you can see which marketing effort converts better.

That's it. To get started, just send people to your URL:

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