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  • Use Goals, Projects, Tasks, Checklists, Schedules and Calendar to manage your time and activities in the most efficient way.
  • Use Contexts and Next actions to decide what has to be done first, and where.
  • Prioritize. Put things in the order most likely to make the project or yourself successful.
  • Integrate with your e-mail. Gtdagenda can send/receive e-mails and convert them into Projects or Tasks so you can start working on them.
  • Gtdagenda supports multiple languages. It's available in Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Polish, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Russian.
  • Always have your lists at hand. You can get Gtdagenda on mobile web, or use the iPhone and Android native apps, both with CLOUD-SYNCING.

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• "A fairly straightforward application." Ian McKenzie
• "We were trying for ages to find a system like this." Steve Irwin
• "I REALLY LIKE the Next Action functionality you have." Gleb Reys

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